Very tough to be objective when it comes to George Zimmerman slaying Treyvon Martin.

CarMax logo

CarMax logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia). CarMax is where George Zimmerman once worked and is now being accused of unfair racial and ethnic harassment by a former co-worker.

According to statistics, whites (who comprise the population majority, let’s be honest) favor Zimmerman’s account of the murder (based on this Rasmussen report). Meanwhile blacks, who comprise the minority in America, (which is why they’re called a minority of course and why anti-discrimination laws had to be put in place), believe Martin was unfairly gunned down in an unbalanced encounter the night of his death.

Now, more information has come out that Zimmerman repeatedly bullied an Arab co-worker when he worked at CarMax, calling him names, mocking his lineage, all behavior that is (supposedly) illegal to demonstrate at work. CarMax fired Zimmerman soon thereafter, alleging that Zimmerman’s illegal harassing and racial bullying had nothing to do with the dismissal.

Boy, it helps when your father is a very wealthy and powerful local judge and you just happen to be friends with the local police force as well; but thus far we have seen racial commentary against Mexicans in a blog by Zimmerman, Zimmerman and his wife being arrested for lying about money available to them, and now these latest claims. Seems logical to expect a pattern of behavior here, which is being demonstrated and verified in my opinion.

Here’s a video on the latest news: