Why Interracial Dating Sites Are So Extremely Popular

By Mark De Schutter

The world truly has become a smaller place to live in. With the walls crumbling, boundaries blurring, the globalization wave has swept one and all. So it’s not surprising that old world taboos regarding one’s color, race, or creed make no sense to the present generation when they look out for a suitable match. The compatibility is decided by similar interests, tastes, preferences and level of intellect. The physical attributes and pedigree can largely be overlooked. And as they say opposites attract and likes adhere. A line that perfectly sums up the recent trend of black & white dating or interracial dating as it is called. Led by their liking for people of different ethnicities and race, these people seek a mate in a person from a complete different background unlike theirs but with similar preferences for most other things in life. In fact, the ‘whites’ have often quoted as to being drawn by the close family ties, spiritual value and a carefree lifestyle of the ‘blacks’. And, with a whole lot of people from colored races finding their place in mainstream culture, the interracial dating trend was inevitable.

In fact, most surveys have found that interracial dating is mostly observed amongst those who’ve studied in integrated schools and higher educational institutions. It is here that kids forge their first and closest bond outside the secure confines of four walls and make friends with people from diverse background. Staying in an integrated neighborhood or visiting an integrated place or worship also increases the likelihood of one’s preference for an inter racial date. In fact, there are certain regions and localities where black & white dating is commonplace.

But, coming across such a person is easier said than done since we tend to mix with people from our creed more often than not. Now that’s precisely where the interracial dating sites step in. Acting as the platform where the whites and the colored people from all across the world can share a common platform and forge new bonds they’ve made the task of making the two ends meet a whole lot easier. The interracial dating sites are truly a Mecca for those seeking a date and a future partner in a like minded person from a different ethnicity.

Like most other dating sites the black & white dating sites too work on the three step process: register, browse and upgrade. To start with it requires one to register with a valid e-mail id. Once registered one can create a user profile with the relevant contact details and personal likes/ dislikes which he/she wants to provide to the forum. The profile can include besides personal and personal information photos uploaded by the user. Most sites have a definite limit on the number and the size of photos one can upload and it goes without saying that your profile picture will make or break that all encompassing first impression (and who wants to loose the race before the first shot is fired!)

Once logged in there are a whole lot of ways one can go about looking for that perfect match. You may both state your preferences for age, profession, interests, location in the search bar and then browse through the list of individuals who fulfill the criteria. In fact your all evasive search can be your stepping stone to your search for that one mate. To guide and support you in this endeavor the websites provide search criteria that can be as distinctive and precise as possible. From character and interest match, one can even shortlist his/her dates on the ranks of sexual compatibility!

Once the short listing is done, you can either go ahead and reach out to them by sending a mail or a friend/chat request and in return expect that they’ll get back to you in due time (provided your profile seems exciting enough to the person concerned) or you can wait at leisure for others to visit your profile and send you a friend request in the first place. Either ways, the first step is now taken and the dating process begins.

The user profile on these sites is a multi interface window that allows one to access mails in his inbox, chat with other online users, update his/her profile and gallery, share videos and photos or even voice chat. In due course you can of course make suitable additions/deletions to your user profile to make it more appealing to others. There is no dearth of tips (there are a number of sites dedicated to the purpose) to make one’s profile more attractive and generate more ‘hits’ and a few of them surely work wonders.

Interestingly, it is more common to find white women dating black men than the other way round. The old adage tall, dark, handsome well never really went out of fashion.
It goes without saying that this is only the first step to a herald a new relation. Once the words and promises have been exchanged through mails, chats and voice chats one goes on to the next level of a personal date. From virtual to the real world, the giant step can be taken when one is at least reasonably sure of the other person. In fact, that’s one of the pluses of the interracial dating sites. They provide one with the security of being anonymous unlike conventional dating where one can have face some completely unpleasant experiences.

Interracial dating sites also upload images and videos of interracial dating and have inspiring and engaging exerts from people who’ve met through such sites and found a life mate in a person of different race. Their experiences are heartwarming and their relations have stood the test of time. In fact, many of these inter racial couple braved hostility from their kith and kins in the first place (objecting it might tarnish their family’s pride and image in society). But, these very people have now happily sanctified the alliance. In fact, the more the challenges the interracial couples are faced with, the stronger they emerge which only goes on to prove that love indeed conquers it all. The inter racial dating site have surely forged an alliance that was not only unacceptable but unlikely in the recent past. And if the number of registered users is anything to go by, they have started a trend that is surely here to stay.

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