According to a June 15th, 2012 piece in Yahoo! News‘s “The Ticket,” by Liz Goodwin, the Obama administration is going to stop deporting illegal immigrants sometime within the next sixty days. In some cases, they even get work permits.

One has to wonder about the timing (and hence sincerity) of the decision. And the sudden about-face.

English: Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator from Florid...

English: Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator from Florida, Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Français : Marco Rubio, homme politique républicain de Floride (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Pick me, Romney! C’mon!

Obviously it’s politically motivated, as in many instances Obama is polling at a dead heat with Romney and as to who would win if the election were held today would depend upon who you ask and their party affiliation (of course).

And the Obama administration has probably deported more immigrants than any other president (and we’re not even going to touch on all the “black ops” wars taking place).

On the one hand, the Obama and Romney camps know the value of the Hispanic/Latino vote, to the extent that Romney is carefully eying Marco Rubio as a potential VP. The Obama administration will say they’re against the anti-immigrant measures sweeping across the country, but then, contrapuntally, (sorry I love that word), do nothing to cease its spread or operations.

So, they’ll stop deporting illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits. Great. How long will this last? Right until after a months after the election or will it gradually fade into the air like so many other campaign promises? Will all the illegal immigrant holding facilities (that look an awful lot like prisons) across the nation have their cases reviewed? Don’t count on that. Will those detainment facilities (or whatever they’re called now) be shut down? I wouldn’t bet the rent on it.

At any rate, it may be nice news for some, but it also smacks of premeditated opportunism and yet another empty promise meant to cull votes. You tell me. Here’s the link to the piece: