Racism alive and kicking in this video, let me tell you! Despite having our first “black,” (he’s actually bi-racial) President, and having made “advances” that we always hear about when matters of race and multiculturalism come up, there are still many people in the majority (and some in the minority as well, sadly) who feel that everyone should “keep with their own.”

Sign for "colored" waiting room at a...

Sign for “colored” waiting room at a Greyhound bus terminal in Rome, Georgia, 1943. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If I’m a white guy, I’d better date white women; and by that same method of thinking (if you can call it that),

my friends should all be tall white males with bald heads, right? And by the same token, blonde white women should only be friends with other blonde white women.


While these types of generalities are mainstream, and while for the most part people are still very much so herd animals and habitually congregate only with others who look like them and act like them and have similar world-views, there are those out there who must be different, and dare to interact with others who don’t look like they do exactly or mirror themselves.


After watching this video, what would you do?