I know, I know, stop making fun of naivete (or feigned naivete) when you encounter it, right? Be loving and kind and considerate and stop being so doggone cynical, by golly! Right?

What am I talking about? A piece by

Kimbery Sears Allers, writing for the blog section of The New York Times, in a section called “The Motherlode.” In the piece called “Hollywood to Black Mothers: Stay Home,” the writer seems genuinely flummoxed b

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Hi, there. I’m your resident “brown woman.”

y the fact that black women are verboten in the new “chick flick” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”


Even though the film is supposedly about the trials and tribulations of women going through child-birth, there are no (-gasp-) black women in the film.


The writer of this piece criticizing the film, Allers, seems discombobulated that there are no black women in the film (when we all know this kind of overt racism by exclusion is par for the course).

To paraphrase Hall & Oates, “no can do, I can’t go for that.”

I refuse to support movies with an unspoken (or even unconsciously racist) perspective, that minorities are either stereotypes or don’t exist.

I refuse to pay money to see “The Help,” (about how black women support white women, written by a white woman and from her perspective, and all about how the white woman “saves” them) or support it. Likewise, I refuse to pay money for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

Firstly, it’s an insipid movie; with sitcom-level “writing,” and it’s further insulting that while it’s okay for Chris Rock to be in the movie as a husband, and while Jennifer Lopez is the resident “brown woman,” there are no black women in the film – a film about women having children.

Allers may be surprised by the exclusion of black women from the film, but I’m not; and this will be the only piece you’ll read here about this waste of celluloid.