How to Date White Men

How to Date White Men

Just a brief note that a recently-submitted piece sent to WikiHow was approved, called “How to Date White Men if You Are a Black Woman.”


Um….yes ma’am.

To many this seems like a no-brainer, but for some out there, it isn’t. Here’s a link to the piece.

1 in 3 Coupled, Young Americans Is in an Interracial Relationship

1 in 3 Coupled, Young Americans Is in an Interracial Relationship

Here’s a crazy story.

According to this article from Parade (known for it’s searing insightful journalism, right?) 1 in 3 couples are in an interracial relationship. Where does the author live? On Mars? I can’t see this happening even in Atlanta where the population is fairly even between black and white; so if it’s not reality in Atlanta (and I don’t know that it is or is not) there’s no way this is happening across the country.

interracial love

Interracial Love, Baby

If this author is correct, you should see interracial couples every time you blink, and this is clearly not the case. Maybe you see black men with white women, as that’s the newest socially acceptable norm now; but for the most part black women still are not open to dating white men, asian men, or any other group, so I do not believe that it’s possible that 1 in 3 young American couples are in an interracial relationship.

What are your views anybody?

Here’s the link to the piece –here.

‘Imagine a Future’ sheds light on black women and internalized racism – The Root DC Live – The Washington Post

‘Imagine a Future’ sheds light on black women and internalized racism – The Root DC Live – The Washington Post

‘Imagine a Future’ sheds light on black women and internalized racism – The Root DC Live – The Washington Post.

This is an important piece, as it’s a vitally important topic, for black women (and for that matter all people of color) to realize that they live in a racist culture and have been being programmed with racist ideologies since before they were born; it’s in their great

grandparents’ and is passed down from generation to generation as a means by which to control a passive masses.

black women

Good morning, my sister!

Dark, light, it makes no different to the Source, the Creator, God, Dios, or whomever you believe in, or to science if you’re an atheist. Scientifically, it’s been proven and re-proven that there are no biological bases for racism in science – but there sure is in mental illness.

Behind the Smile: Viral Video Shows Black Female Depression and Friendship

I recently read an article at this site, here, and was moved to read about two young black girls going through emotional and spiritual hell due to depression and other related issues.

Black Women Singers

Black Women Singers (Photo credit: guitarber)

The author of the piece brought up many solid, relevant points about the need for young black girls, (and of course black women), to band together, work together, and play a more vital active role in each others lives through support initiatives and real flesh-and-bone groups that actually get out there and try to impact lives.

I’d like to ask for feedback on this piece and in response, how we at Interrace Today, could do more in terms of listing Resources and getting more involved online and offline.


Learning to Hate Yourself: Racist Mind Games

I recently came across the following video on YouTube.

It made me feel sick to my stomach, and I could recall how Malcolm X had said long ago that the true war going on was in the minds of black people; how they had been led to believe that they could not run their own communities, run their own businesses, make their own incomes, or believe in themselves as being worthy.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ultimate joke was that black people saw themselves as less than equal, doing the slave master’s job by themselves on their own. This is why, I’m sure Brother Malcolm would concur, some black women do not  believe their natural hair is beautiful and must be “conked” or “permed” or bleached. This is why so many black men prefer white women, because they’ve been told the standard of beauty is the white woman and they are socialized to “achieve.”

I’m sure this video would make Brother Malcolm sick, as it would Cornell West. I don’t know if they’d agree with my feelings, but we would all agree that regardless of the cause, the effect is apparent and extremely disheartening to say the least.

What do you think of this video?