Are Black women giving up on Black men?

Are black women giving up on black men?

Not from what I can see, or from the simple statistics that would seem to communicate an actual reverse trend: more black men are dating white women then they are black women. But anyway, here’s the link to an article by the folks at the New Pittsburgh Courier Online asking the question.

Black Woman Exhibitor At Push Expo, An Annual Exhibit Of Black Talent, Black Products And Black Education In Chicago, 10/1973

How to Date White Men

How to Date White Men

Just a brief note that a recently-submitted piece sent to WikiHow was approved, called “How to Date White Men if You Are a Black Woman.”


Um….yes ma’am.

To many this seems like a no-brainer, but for some out there, it isn’t. Here’s a link to the piece.

Shatner insisted on Uhura romance – Yahoo! News UK

Shatner insisted on Uhura romance – Yahoo! News UK.

Yes, that’s right Captain James T. Kirk insisted on grabbing Uhura and thrusting her into his sweaty chest!

William Shatner

Cover of William Shatner

Seriously, for a Jewish man (who was not a big name back at the time) to insist on a steamy interracial love scene (which may have been the first on national television) was and is a huge deal.

Manuela as Uhura played by Nichelle

Manuela as Uhura played by Nichelle (Photo credit: Renée Turner)

So hats and toupees off to you, Bill Shatner, for loving black women enough to want to grab one for yourself!

CNN’s Genius John King Calls Bombing Suspect “dark skinned male”

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think John King meant ill will or malice but said this out of ignorance…He seemed to be aware that what he was stating was racist and vague but nonetheless felt inspired to let it out. But that’s how you know where people stand I suppose. Even if a suspect had been identified and that suspect had a dark complexion, stating that a potential suspect has “dark skin” is like stating the suspect is a mail living in the country. It’s neither informative or helpful in any way – just a broad generalization with a stinging slap of discrimination added to it to add salt to the open wound.

And here’s a link to Gwen Ifills’s observation that it was racist, via her Twitter page:

And good for Al Sharpton for standing up in the video clip below. That being said, what does it say about America and Boston that the first suggestions of a suspect are that they are male, “dark skinned” and now that apparently Arab-Americans are being targeted as well.


Racism, sadly, is alive and kicking in all its fearful and hateful glory.

France’s Jewish Exodus Because Of Rise Of Anti-Semetic Attacks – YouTube

France’s Jewish Exodus Because Of Rise Of Anti-Semetic Attacks – YouTube.





Interesting but not necessarily surprising video news item here.

According to this video the French don’t like Jews. Or at least that’s how more and more Jews are taking things in France….

Yellow badge Star of David called "Judens...

Yellow badge Star of David called “Judenstern”. Part of the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Westphalia, Dorsten, Germany. The wording is the German word for Jew (Jude), written in mock-Hebrew script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My questions to the French would be if there is no antisemitism in your country why is there a rising wave of antisemitic attacks that the government does not seem capable of counter-balancing? Where is the increasing hostility coming from and why? If it’s “not a problem,” why the mass exodus? I’d like to hear from those “in the know” about French culture, but it this does resemble what happened in pre-World War II French.