Paula Deen: The Gift that Keeps on A’Givin’

Paula Deen: The Gift that Keeps on A’Givin’

I’ve never met walking-talking cartoon character Paula Deen, but after her public (in court testimony lawyers, so don’t come sniffing around my pen) admission to using the N-word in the past (in a legal matter revolving around claims of racist treatment, no less),  I’m not sure I’d enjoy the experience.


It just seems that the more she tries to clean up her mess, the deeper she gets. Aint’ that rich?


paula deen cake

paula deen cake (Photo credit: bunchofpants)


First she admits to using the racial epithet made famous through hundreds of years of racism in American society, then bails on an interview to supposedly explain, then reappears later when it becomes clear she stands to lose millions upon millions if she blows it off a second time.


Then in her “Today Show” appearance where she shows up, she seems okay and then starts blaming it on “young people,” and then begs people who judge her to go ahead and throw a proverbial stone right at her.


Gotta wonder how the lawsuit could go after this….