What Made Tamera Mowry Cry

What Made Tamera Mowry Cry

Tamera Mowry is famous.

Even people who don’t know who she is recognize her as “someone.” She’s starred on television programs and is considered by most people to be a celebrity, along with her sister.

Icon of a television.

Icon of a television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What made Tamera Mowry cry wasn’t the cancellation of a program, but racism that she did not know. Ugly, fearsome, violent, angry racism. The kind of hatred and lack of reason a rabid dog feels when it lunges for your throat.

Tamera found out about it and she saw the face of madness, that those of us already long married in interracial relationships, know all too well.

Welcome to the madhouse that is racism in 2014, Tamera. Don’t let it sway your mind, girl.

Here’s a link to a story from Yahoo News.





Rae Dawn Chong Goes After Oprah

You have to wonder why Rae Dawn Chong would go after Oprah with a vengeance, unless she’s been smoking some of her old man’s best herbal essence…but it’s certainly her perogative not to be impressed or to have the feelings she apparently does.

Calming Down

Calming Down (Photo credit: ampshot)

That being said, when was the last movie or TV project Rae Dawn Chong has had? Was it “Tales from the Dark Side the Movie” where she played some kind of interracial sexual demon, or was it the unwatchable “Soul Man” in which C-list talent C. Thomas Howell rubs shoe polish over himself and then falls in love with Rae Dawn Chong and immediately develops racial sensitivity?

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