Interracial & Multicultural Greeting Cards & Prints for the Holidays?

As we continue to refurbish Interrace Today, we want to let our gentle readers know that we are the only resource online (that we’ve found) to offer our own original artwork interracial and multicultural greeting cards and prints for sale to the public.

English: A photograph of a greeting card. The ...

English: A photograph of a greeting card. The greeting card was printed sometime before June, 1909, in Germany. A swastika is used as decoration on the card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve been looking for a unique greeting card or holidays card to reflect a diverse world and not the bland one represented by the vast majority of greeting cards and prints available out there, please consider visiting our Store.

Best wishes to all Interrace Today readers and please keep involved.

Love, peace, and hair-grease,