Disney’s First “Latina” Princess is White w/Blue Eyes. Nice.

I read an article recently about another upcoming Disney project with it’s “first Latina” fairy princess, Sofia, and sure enough, bold as daylight, she’s white as white can be and with big blue eyes.

The TV movie, which apparently will also go to regular series, is entitled “”Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.” And maybe it’s her light brown hair and name that are supposed to make her Latina, because it sure ain’t any other aspect that I can see.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met too many Latinas with pale skin and blue eyes, have you? If you have, let me know.


But at any rate, here’s a link to the entire piece:


Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling (Photo credit: epSos.de). I don’t see blonde hair and blue eyes, do you?