Mountain Dew Under Fire for ‘Most Racist Commercial in History’ | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine

Mountain Dew Under Fire for ‘Most Racist Commercial in History’ | Work + Money – Yahoo! Shine.

Everybody likes Mountain Dew. It’s a pleasant tasting soda, full of caffeine that everybody needs to function, right?

A Mountain Dew can.

A Mountain Dew can. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So why do they put up an ad that is undeniably racist, sexist, and debasing to both black men and women as well? Maybe they think only affluent whites drink Mountain Dew so will find this commercial so amusing it’ll make them want to run out to their nearest 7-11 for some “dew?”

Biracial Cat Confounds Critics

I know, I know. This is not really news. No, it’s not by what journalists (that dying breed) used to call “hard news,” but it certainly does qualify as effluvia on the same pandering mass-appeal level as the water-skiing squirrel I saw some time back on one of those generic morning television programs.

Bi-racial Cat?

No, this isn’t the same “bi-racial cat” we’re talking about.

At any rate, everybody loves cats, right? They’re independent, volatile, moody, and destructive. But neat!

Here’s a cutesy little clip of a (supposedly) “mixed race” or bi-racial cat- complete with two different color eyes and a “black” perspective.

Here’s the link: here



A Sip of Brown Angel Ale?

I don’t drink, period. And I have my reasons, true believers.

While I won’t elaborate upon said reasons here and now, suffice it to say that I do know what it is to imbibe beer and other alcoholic “adult beverages” as they call them. And it’s no big loss.

But if you’re gonna get hammered, there’s no better way to do it, than by honoring the Nubian Queen.

Hey, she may be slightly cross-eyed there, but she’s somebody’s “angel.”

Apparently the geniuses at Clown Shoes Beer (their name, not mine) came up with Brown Angel ale, and no it ain’t malt. But, if you’re gonna drink beer, it might as well be named for a sista and (look like, anyway) it features a black sista angel on the label.

According to the company’s website (here), the ale was “designed to have three distinct levels: a dark brown backbone with notes of chocolate and coffee….”


Now, for an ivory Jewish man with natty hair (and beard) who has never dated anything but the black woman, this is definitely a beer I can endorse…even though, of course, I don’t drink.