Single and Living Fab: Jacque Reid talks with author of ‘Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men’

Single and Living Fab: Jacque Reid talks with author of ‘Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men’

Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr is an interesting lady. Not only is she living an unconventional life, daring to date “outside her race,” marry a Jewish man, have a biracial child, but she’s got the fortitude to write a book on the topic and interview on her book and belief that all black women should simply date and marry Jewish men.

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations...

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Say what you will, but she’s entitled to her especially-informed opinion, and she’s certainly entitled to her joy.


Interracial Marriage on the Slide

According to this piece, interracial marriage continues to decline.

Are you surprised? In a culture where it’s still largely forbidden and frowned upon to marry someone who does not resemble an immediate family member, interracial marriage is not acceptable. It’s okay to date (because you might break up and there’s no legal committment), but marriage is a no-no, still.

It takes courage to marry someone others disapprove of, and most people break under the pressure; and that’s why interracial marriage is on the decline, although interracial dating is fine.

The question to me is, is this piece linked to above accurate?

Happy Loving Day!

Happy Loving Day! (Photo credit: celestehodges)

Kids Weigh In on Controversial Cheerios Ad

Remember that Cheerios Ad with the Interracial Family? The one that got so many hostile comments that YouTube needed to disable the “comments” section of the website?

Family Photo - Christmas 2005

Family Photo – Christmas 2005 (Photo credit: Mwesigwa). Just a beautiful, interracial family, kids. No Cheerios here.

The same one that inspired Michael David Murphy and partner Alyson West to create an archive of interracial family portraits, available at

Or this conversation, on “The View?”

Well, now there’s a new set of comments, collected from an (articulate!) group of children, aged 13 and under:

Perhaps these young people are the generation that will finally transform “the fifteen percent” into the “new normal.”

E.S. Tai

Interracial Awakenings

I recently ran across these videos by dating coach Matthew Hussey discussing “interracial awakenings” with Christelyn Karazin:



I’d like to get your views on these videos and what you think of Matthew Hussey’s interview. Is he stating the obvious or does the necessity of the message over ride the content being a little bit “no kidding?”

What are your observations?




Pride, Prejudice and Interracial Marriages | The Jakarta Globe

Pride, Prejudice and Interracial Marriages

via Pride, Prejudice and Interracial Marriages | The Jakarta Globe.

Interracial Dating, Interracial relationships, multicultural

Wonder how interracial relationships are perceived in Jakarta? Apparently they have all the hangups of rednecks in ‘Bama, based on the content of this piece.

What do you think?