Florida Lt. Governor Apologizes for “Inexcusable” Comments About Gays

According to an amusing, if not somewhat saddening piece from MiamiHerald.Typepad.com’s section on gay south Florida, by Mary Ellen Klas, Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carrol on Thursday, July 26, 2012 apologized for making the insipid remark that women who look like her can’t be gay – in responding to allegations that she had been caught in a “compromising position” with a female aide. Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carrol was allegedly caught in a

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Map of the districts of the Florida District Courts of Appeal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“compromising position” by a former aide named Carletha Cole.


Cole, the former aide, said in court documents the she caught Lt. Governor Jennifer Carrol in a -ahem- “compromising position” with a female aide. What type of “position” the two ladies were in, we are not allowed to know; but of course the Lt. Governor denies any such activity and responded with the extremely caring response that “black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that,” (which is verbatim from the video on the site). The aide who happened in on matters passed a polygraph test, but polygraphs are not admissible in Florida courts according to the piece.


Lt. Governor Carrol was certainly correct to apologize for her degrading and insensitive remarks and correct to state that her comments are “wrong and inexcusable.”


Unfortunately, the Lt. Governor did not explain what her former aide happened upon the day the “compromising position” was reportedly discovered and how the aide could have been confused or mistaken as to report such an incident.


Here’s a link to the full piece: