Disney’s First “Latina” Princess is White w/Blue Eyes. Nice.

I read an article recently about another upcoming Disney project with it’s “first Latina” fairy princess, Sofia, and sure enough, bold as daylight, she’s white as white can be and with big blue eyes.

The TV movie, which apparently will also go to regular series, is entitled “”Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.” And maybe it’s her light brown hair and name that are supposed to make her Latina, because it sure ain’t any other aspect that I can see.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met too many Latinas with pale skin and blue eyes, have you? If you have, let me know.


But at any rate, here’s a link to the entire piece:


Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling (Photo credit: epSos.de). I don’t see blonde hair and blue eyes, do you?

Things To Remember Before Dating a Latina

English: Spencer and Melissa, before they star...

English: Spencer and Melissa, before they started dating. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things To Remember Before Dating A Latina

By Mary Ann Tordecilla

Latina women are one of the prettiest women in the world. They are pretty and they have beautiful bodies. That’s why men can’t help but want to date a Latina. You can find Latina dating sites on-line where you get to meet Latinas and hopefully start a relationship. Here are some tips before you start to Google for a Latin dating site.

Know what you want. Pause for a while and think what is it you’re looking for. Are you looking for friendship? A date? Or a long-term relationship. By knowing your objectives, you’ll know how to deal with the women you’re going to meet.

Look for a good Latin dating site. Watch out for scams. If the dating site is asking for personal information that you think are not necessary for your on-line profile, think about it first. Find a legitimate site. Consider also the focus of the site. Every dating site has a particular objective. There are dating sites that cater to certain population only or to a particular age bracket. If you enter a dating site which does not suit your requirement, it’ll be a waste of time. For example, you’re a single Western man and you entered a dating site that caters to divorces, you really won’t meet your Ms. Right because you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Make an interesting on-line profile. Women will notice you immediately if your profile is attractive as well. Don’t give out much information, just enough for them to know something about you. Giving out too much information may cause the woman to lose interest in you because there’s no more new things to learn about you. Be honest. Don’t tell something which isn’t true. Don’t brag that you own a Ferrari or a yacht if in fact, you’re unemployed. Women don’t like arrogant men, much more liars. Just be yourself.

Visit forums about dating sites. It will provide you with more information on on-line dating and dating tips. You’ll find there interesting discussions about relationship, sex and women. It would help a lot when you get to meet your Ms. Right. You’ll know what to say and what not to say.

Wait for the right woman. ms. Right doesn’t often come on the first week or first month of your joining the site. It usually takes time before you find the right one for you. But for the meantime, entertain other women. Communicate with them so you’ll know what to do when the right one comes along.

Find a review of the dating website you’re using. If you find negative feedbacks on that site, choose another one. Reviews will give you an idea on how efficient the matchmaking service of the site is.

But before you log in to that website and meet Latina girls, read first bout them. Know what they want and what they don’t like. So you’ll know how to handle these types of women.

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Article source: http://www.artipot.com/articles/418866/things-to-remember-before-dating-a-latina.htm

Wooing a Latina Woman

Wooing A Latina Woman

By Bobby Castro

Not only is Latin America known for its beautiful destinations and warm climate, the women of the continent are known for their beauty and their hospitality. While there are many Latina women that can be met when visiting the region, wooing them to become life partners is a different case altogether. The following are some of the tips on how to woo a Latina woman properly.

1. Get to know them. Latina women are proud of their culture and traditions, so having knowledge about their lives would score points with them. There are many countries in the continent and focusing on their particular rich culture would help impress them of your understanding of their lives.

2. Be romantic. The Latin life is full of romance and impressing her with your charm and wit is not enough. The man must show that no other man wants her like you do. Showering her with attention and gifts can surely win her heart.

3. Understanding traditions. Depending on their culture, specific traditions apply and are upheld by the Latina woman. Understanding how the tradition is practiced and respecting them would surely endear you to the woman. The most basic ones are Catholic traditions which can also provide fun and a wealth of experience for a foreigner living in a country.

4. All about family. Latina women are very family oriented and it is important that meeting her parents and other relatives is a major step in wooing them. Thus in wooing Latina women, it is also important to impress the mother and father of your loved one. This is done by being upfront and respecting their way of life and most especially their daughter.

5. Learn to dance. One way to win the heart of a Latina woman is through dance. Even if one has two left feet, the effort put in to learn to dance is one way to impress upon them that you are willing to do what it takes to please them. Also, dancing is known to be an aphrodisiac for a more amorous exchange later.

There is no clear-cut formula in wooing a Latina woman. A few tips to be successful in finding a life partner would be getting to know them, being romantic, understanding Latin traditions, respecting their family and learning how to dance. In doing all these, one would gain headway to finding one’s loved one from Latin America. Once you have found one, do not let them go for a full and happy life.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at Gringos, where he has published a number of articles about life in South America and many other topics.

Article source: http://www.artipot.com/articles/1120406/wooing-a-latina-woman.htm