What is up with “Divas and Cocktails?”

What is up with “Divas and Cocktails?”

You know at a website called Interrace Today, we’re down with the brown, cool with my Jewish brothers and sisters, and hip with all my Asian followers.

We recently ran across a series on YouTube-land called “Divas and Cocktails,” (two things you typically don’t want to mix together and then be around, now). We’re still trying to figure the videos out.

Here we have a nice little video of some yentas (um, excuse me) reality TV sistas discussing spouses appearing on their programs.

Black Women, Black Hair, Interracial Dating

Uh-huh, you know he did, girl!

“Whatever you have that’s not on a solid foundation is going to collapse when it’s under a miscroscope,” amen, Sister.

Single and Living Fab: Jacque Reid talks with author of ‘Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men’

Single and Living Fab: Jacque Reid talks with author of ‘Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men’

Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr is an interesting lady. Not only is she living an unconventional life, daring to date “outside her race,” marry a Jewish man, have a biracial child, but she’s got the fortitude to write a book on the topic and interview on her book and belief that all black women should simply date and marry Jewish men.

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations...

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Say what you will, but she’s entitled to her especially-informed opinion, and she’s certainly entitled to her joy.


Jewish rebel pursues interracial romance in a controversial Dutch film – Heritage Florida Jewish News

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Jewish rebel pursues interracial romance in a controversial Dutch film – Heritage Florida Jewish News.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see this foreign film yet (has anyone seen it yet who can speak to it?) but it’s a l0ng known fact to most people who live in contemporary American that Jewish men feel an attraction and affinity toward Black women.

Don’t get me started on the “why” unless you want to take the time to post comments below, but the suggestions in this article are that the film itself is offensive in that it displays stereotypes (and not positive ones).

So, since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t really speak to it….but I’d love to hear from one of our readers who may have seen the film.

Interracial Couples: Multicultural Weddings – a New Kind of Celebration

INTERRACIAL COUPLES: Multicultural Weddings – a New Kind of CelebrationPicture of the multicultural mass wedding even...

INTERRACIAL COUPLES: Multicultural Weddings – a New Kind of Celebration by F. Duru

Planning a wedding is a very personal matter, and a stressful one too. Many interracial couples are encountering even more stresses when attempting to prepare a celebration that combines two cultures. There is little in the way of resources for those planning for a multicultural wedding, and thus, the current and past generations of planners can be considered pioneers of the multicultural wedding evolution. With over 1.6 million multicultural marriages in the United States, it is apparent that multicultural weddings will be the trend of the future. While many couples prefer their weddings to be culturally neutral, others are facing the multiethnic issue face on and are incorporating both cultures in a unique style of their own.

There are many cultural groups that are currently practicing multicultural wedding traditions, including JewishKorean, Japanese-Protestant, and Hindu-Catholic, just to name a few. These pairings are facing increasing social acceptance and as a result the popularity of having multicultural weddings is on the rise. Multicultural weddings are difficult to organize because a variety of factors, over and above the normal elements of cultural neutral weddings must be considered. Choosing the right mix of religious, ethnic and traditional parts of the ceremony is time consuming and emotional. Even the basics, i.e. location, food, and clothing can be the most strenuous problems to solve. Deeply cultural families and paying families tend to get involved and feel the most offended when portions of their traditions are omitted. Sometimes, the best decision is to compromise and create new traditions that are composed of both cultures.

Interracial couples do not necessarily have to be practicing members of their culture in order to celebrate with traditional customs. To give a wedding character and to celebrate one’s family, couples will draw upon their favorite and most appropriate customs to include in the wedding. Multiethnic weddings can contain as much or as little cultural detail, giving the couple more control over the overwhelming interests of both families. Weddings consists of such a vast variety of factors from invitations, flowers and music to dress, food and the ceremony itself, that there are an infinite number of ways of adjusting and tweaking the wedding to suit everyone’s desires.

Although there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter multiethnic wedding, there are still many ways of getting help with difficult planning choices. Wedding planners, caterers, friends and family are excellent resources for designing a custom multicultural wedding. Weddings are personal experiences, and the best one’s are the most unique.

Frank Duru is the author of many different articles. His works concentrate much on dating related tips and adivce. Find more Singles Dating Advice here:

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Article Source: INTERRACIAL COUPLES: Multicultural Weddings – a New Kind of Celebration

Is Google Racist?

Is media giant (which is probably an understatement) Google racist?


According to a piece by New York Times journalist Eric Pfanner, from June 27th, 2012, the search engine behemoth had a good day – as a lawsuit brought by several French groups that fight racism was dropped.

Rupert Murdoch - Caricature

Rupert Murdoch – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


The French groups accused Google of breaking French ani-racism laws by using terms “juif” and “Jewish” in its autocomplete search function when people would search for certain public figures known to be Jewish, such as Fox News leader Rupert Murdoch.


The article never accuses Google of anything improper or illegal in any way. It just presents the information objectively, as it should.


Here is a link to the full article: here


My opinion?


Now the question to the casual reader should be, is that racist behavior? Well, let’s put it in context: If I pointed out that people were Jewish every time you brought up a person’s name, would that be racist? It would be insofar as making their religion and ethnic identity clear whether it may have been relevant or important.


By the same token, it would be akin to me pointing out to you that someone were black or Asian if you mentioned them to me…whether important to what you were doing or not. That kind of behavior on the part of a human could be considered racist.


Maybe Google was just trying to make its auto-complete function more intuitive to what people were/are searching, but shouldn’t one of the Earth’s largest and most powerful companies have a social responsibility to simply disavow practices that would immediately target historically oppressed minority groups through no fault of their own?