CNN’s Genius John King Calls Bombing Suspect “dark skinned male”

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think John King meant ill will or malice but said this out of ignorance…He seemed to be aware that what he was stating was racist and vague but nonetheless felt inspired to let it out. But that’s how you know where people stand I suppose. Even if a suspect had been identified and that suspect had a dark complexion, stating that a potential suspect has “dark skin” is like stating the suspect is a mail living in the country. It’s neither informative or helpful in any way – just a broad generalization with a stinging slap of discrimination added to it to add salt to the open wound.

And here’s a link to Gwen Ifills’s observation that it was racist, via her Twitter page:

And good for Al Sharpton for standing up in the video clip below. That being said, what does it say about America and Boston that the first suggestions of a suspect are that they are male, “dark skinned” and now that apparently Arab-Americans are being targeted as well.


Racism, sadly, is alive and kicking in all its fearful and hateful glory.