An Interracial Gay Affair

An Interracial Gay Affair

By kurt allen

What is our society‘s stand on interracial gay couples? Exactly where is the fascination originating from? Is the interest of homosexual males toward men coming from disparate cultural backgroundjust an act of provocation ?Is it purely a need to break away from the dictates of society?

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Humankind has already improved considerably. Now, many people on this planet have accepted love between two homosexuals. Many people on the same planet still do not support it and call it evil. The important thing is there is support.Many people have longed for a difference for a long time. Change came. And change is going to come still.

Now we are free to fall in love. Who is to say a man cannot love another man but any man can love any woman he pleases?And who is to state that two guys from opposing ethnic backgrounds are not allowed to love each other but straight people are? More and more places legally recognize gay marriage. Race is not such a big idea like gender. A gay male is free to break away from the usual and follow the love of his life even if he is from another culture. He can spread his wings and fly across oceans to search for the one his heart desires, even if he is from many miles away, on the other half of the earth. Gone are the days when it was up to society who we are supposed to like and fall in love with. Today, we have the freedom to follow our heart. And if our freedom is trampled upon, we can consistently stand by it. Interracial relationships between gay men may always cause commotion but they are left to do just that. We can all hope that someday all of us will reside in a world with no misgiving, regret, embarrassment and animosity.

What is the root of the attraction? Here is the answer, questioning the attraction should not even take place. The attraction among two different races should not be considered as out-of-this-world. It is but natural to be fascinated with our opposites and race should not even matter. Although, cultural differences can be an issue, we should not give much consideration to the race of the person we like. We are either attracted to a person or we are not. Race is irrelevant to people who are in love.

Attraction between gay men of different ethnic backgrounds is certainly not an act of spite. It is more than longing to be break away from the constricting grips of society. Love is all-embracing. It is far greater than the acknowledgment we give it. We should let love lead the way because the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. We should not limit our horizons.People are into people and the color of the skin and sexual orientation mean very little or nothing at all.

We must accept our dissimilarities and glorify our multiplicity so we can all be unified . We all born of this planet. We draw in the same air. We enjoy the same sun. Even if we are of different races, we all share the same human heart alive within our chest.

Kurt loves to share his thoughts by writing them down and having other people read them.

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