Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman

By Bill Preston

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Top Six Reasons

While you can find beautiful and amazing women the world over, there is something special about Chinese women. You can’t stereotype about one culture, but it seems that many Chinese women have some of the following extremely attractiveand appealing qualities.

Chinese beautiful girl 2

Chinese beautiful girl 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). She’s reading up on why she should consider dating non-Chinese guys.

Of course, this isn’t going to apply to 100 percent of the Chinese women of the world, but in my life as a PUA I have found a very high percentage fit into this mold. That’s why I am a huge fan of Chinese women and will share with you some of the reasons why. Here are the Top 6 Reasons you should date a Chinese woman.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #1

Gorgeous Skin. Chinese women have the most amazingly silky, smooth, lustrous skin. They practically glow. They are blessed with unbelievably touchable luminous skin that just adds to their inner beauty.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #2

Lustrous silky, shiny, and healthy hair. Most women would die for hair that shiny, silky, and Chinese women are just born with it.

They take are of their bodies, hair and skin and eat healthy to maintain their looks.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #3

Intelligent. Chinese women place a high emphasis on the importance of intelligence and education and realize that it is extremely attractive to be knowledgeable on a variety of subjects.

From a small age, Chinese women know it is cool to be smart. Unfortunately in some other cultures, the emphasis on being smart and educated is not so prevalent. It is too bad because smart is sexy. Intelligence is key when I tell people about qualities they look for when they want to learn How To Get A Girlfriend.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #4

Stylish. Chinese women are some of the most stylish and chic women around. They know what is trendy and yet don’t take it over the top. They add just the right amount of style to everything they wear.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #5

Naturally slim. Of course, as I mentioned above, there are exceptions to every rule, but as a society, the Chinese in general have an extremely healthy diet, which naturally helps them keep trim and slim figures.

Chinese women have a great, healthy relationship with food. These habits instilled in them keep them slim and healthy, which also contributes to their glowing complexion. We, after all, are what we eat.

Why You Should Date a Chinese Woman – Reason #6

They are feminine. Chinese women aren’t afraid to embrace their feminine side. They can be strong, independent, even tough, but they still maintain a very attractive femininity about them. Some women in other cultures have a little bit of a tougher time melding all those traits, but Chinese women do it easily.

Chinese women show that women can still be strong and feminine at the same time. It’s a fine balance and when it is done right it is extremely attractive.

These are just a few reasons why Chinese women are so amazing. I’m sure if you date one you’ll find many, many more reasons to add to this list.

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