Black Women and AIDS: What Is Going On?

It’s almost like the story of the lemmings willingly jumping off the cliff because they don’t know any better.

What is going on with black women and AIDS? Why can’t they stop contracting it at every turn?

English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solida...

English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS. Français : Le Ruban rouge, symbole de la solidarité avec les personnes séro-positives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


According to an August 7th piece by Andrea King Collier, appearing in, (here) hapless, befuddled-looking Nell Davis never meant to

contract AIDS, but at 64, apparently didn’t know how to avoid getting it, either.


And it’s not just clueless, lost women in their sixties getting the life-shortening plague, it’s 60 percent of all black women according to the saddening and frustrating piece.