France’s Jewish Exodus Because Of Rise Of Anti-Semetic Attacks – YouTube

France’s Jewish Exodus Because Of Rise Of Anti-Semetic Attacks – YouTube.





Interesting but not necessarily surprising video news item here.

According to this video the French don’t like Jews. Or at least that’s how more and more Jews are taking things in France….

Yellow badge Star of David called "Judens...

Yellow badge Star of David called “Judenstern”. Part of the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Westphalia, Dorsten, Germany. The wording is the German word for Jew (Jude), written in mock-Hebrew script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My questions to the French would be if there is no antisemitism in your country why is there a rising wave of antisemitic attacks that the government does not seem capable of counter-balancing? Where is the increasing hostility coming from and why? If it’s “not a problem,” why the mass exodus? I’d like to hear from those “in the know” about French culture, but it this does resemble what happened in pre-World War II French.

How Racist is France?

Have you ever wondered how racist France is?

Europe - Satellite image - PlanetObserver

Europe – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)

I mean we all, (at least many of us in America) would probably like to visit France. It looks so beautiful in movies, the people seem calm and sophisticated and even romantic. And yet…where are the black people? Where is the diversity?

Here’s one lady’s comments based on her informed experiences.

I don’t know if I agree with them all, (having never had the luxury of traveling across Europe much less France) so to a large extent must take her word for being informed and logical.

Have any readers had similar experiences?

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