With a Comedic Twist ‘Cellmates’ Deals with Racism & The Ku Klux Klan

A new movie, called “Cellmates” according to Naibe Reynoso of Fox News Latino, is a “jailhouse buddy comedy” about how a KKK member can becomes best buds with a Latino attorney while in a cell and then begin a romantic relationship with a Latina prison worker.

Hector Jimenez, Mexican actor at his house in ...

Hector Jimenez, Mexican actor at his house in Mexico City, December 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). It’s gonna be a huge, smash hit. Trust me. “Nacho Libre,” remember?


Although starring Time Sizemore, who hasn’t landed a profitable hit movie in many years, and Héctor Jiménez, best known for playing ‘Esqueleto’ in “Nacho Libre,”

and focusing on the subject matter that it is, and as a comedy on top of that, it’s possible that the movie could actually be good.


If you’re interested in more details: