Racist Cop Sentenced to 57 Months in the Slammer

More feel-good news, a racist New York cop was sentenced to 57 months in prison, according to this piece by John Marzulli, of NYDailyNews.com, for using racial slurs during a false arrest and beating another victim.

Nice guy, huh? Well, if you’re interested in reading this story of retribution and justice, here’s the link.

CCRB logo

CCRB logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Uh-oh, better put that club down.

Certainly not lacking in drama, the irony of ironies is that this crooked cop being charged with racism on top of racism was judged and sentenced by a black judge

who also just happened to be a longtime member of the Civilian Complaint Review Board before he was appointed to the bench last year.


Here’s the link to read more: