Black Unemployment Is Still Shamefully High

Black Unemployment Is Still Shamefully High

In a recent article entitled “Black Unemployment is Still Shamefully High,” from The Atlantic magazine (link here), the author for the well written piece brings attention to something our President either doesn’t care about or is somehow unable to do anything about, which is the fact that black unemployment has not gotten better during his run; and if anything it’s actually gotten much worse.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For “the most powerful man in the world” he seems strangely unable to do much of anything when it comes to institutionalized racism in the form of high unemployment, inner city blight, an educational system incapable of doing much more than warehousing. Is it that Congress and the Senate won’t let him do anything, that he really means well and is a great guy but is paralyzed by all the red tape? Or is it that he’s a person who loves to hear himself speak, loves the spotlight and power, but doesn’t care about others more than in terms of what they can do for him and his career? We’ll probably never know the real Obama, but we can see what’s going on in our world if we’re brave enough to open our eyes and assess.

Unemployment has gotten worse under Obama, and he laughs and preens and struts and even lectures black Americans, while he refuses to take action to ameliorate situations and institutions bent on crippling them either through inaction, malice, or ignorance (and does it ultimately matter the intent when the outcome is the same?).

How many of candidate Obama’s promises has he kept? None I can find.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, safety nets are taken down, schools continue on their downward slope, and Obama’s kids will be very well off for the rest of their lives. And perhaps that’s all that really matters- to him.

I applaud the Atlantic for being one of the few great magazines still being published and daring to address the issue.

In entire court term, justices see 1 black lawyer – Yahoo! News

In entire court term, justices see 1 black lawyer – Yahoo! News

English: United States Supreme Court building ...

English: United States Supreme Court building in Washington D.C., USA. Front facade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In entire court term, justices see 1 black lawyer – Yahoo! News.

What can be said about this except for the obvious sadness in the headline. Despite whatever advance we may as a country have made education in this country is still more about warehousing than education and is still parceled out according to wealth and status.

I wish schools were different but they are not and never will be. Young minority children need more than rappers and bas

ketballers to look up to, and when the schools themselves segreate quality and class sizes according to ethnicity and wealth and status, it’s ultimately the same as it was fifty years ago if not worse. (Then you could take electives such as shop class, auto mechanics, music, art. Now most schools no longer have these classes.)

It’s just a damn depressing headline that doesn’t surprise me, but is just a sad reminder of where we really are in this country.

School size plays a role in interracial friendships

School size plays a role in interracial friendships.

Not really all that surprising, this article refers to a new study that essentially states that young children, given the opportunity, will flock toward those who look like they do. What a shocker!

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Humans are tribal animals,who can be quite petty; attacking the frail and weak among us for having cancer, criticizing every aspect of how we may or may not live, antagonizing children into suicide (the current epidemic in bullying that clearly shows how little structure there really is in public education that allows for rampant bullying among other things), reinforcing gender stereotypes in corporate-sponsored reading programs, the rising cost of GED testing that’s causing many schools around the country to simply scrap the testing all-together….So is it a huge brain-buster that if schools are large enough to allow self-segregation children will go for that option?

As someone who’s taught in many colleges and public schools throughout the US, I can tell you that children will find ways to get along with whomever shows them acceptance. But I’ve also worked in schools where there was no diversity of any kind; and racism ran unchecked and bullying was the norm.

In a self-contained environment where there is no or little diversity would impressionable children seek out that which is not there? Why would they risk peer approval (which is the stamp of approval from God to most kids) struggling with something they need not face at all? Schools across the country are still very segregated, despite Obama‘s claims that they are not and perhaps becoming more so with all the closures and “race to the top” funding deficits.

When schools these days are the size of small towns with multiple buildings, multiple floors in each building, and most schools still being in “black neighborhoods” or “white neighborhoods” or “hispanic neighborhoods” kids can pretty much choose who they wish to be around – so they pick their mirror images, who will of course be less challenging socially.

Put those same children in environments where they must interact with diversity or not function at all, and they’ll learn to accept everyone as equal for the most part, to everyone else. Put them in huge townships where they can interact with whomever and you’ll keep getting the world we already have.