Black Family Ignored by Racist Disney Character

According to a recent news story by Claudine Zap of Yahoo’s “The Lookout,” (link) an African-American family named (-ahem-) the Blacks went to Disney Land (or some Disney theme park)  and were rebuffed by whomever wore the White Rabbit costume from “Alice in Wonderland.”

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Oh, nooo! Please don’t make me touch the Black family children!

Talk about extremes! So the Black family were refused positive attention by The White Rabbit. Although I may seem to be making light of the situation, I sincerely believe that if this is factual and occurred as the family presents (and they have photos to back up their claims that the rabbit costumed character was eagerly embracing white people while ignoring them) , it’s one thumb in the eye to African-Americans (and minorities in general) who don’t need the disrespect or deserve it. And if this has occured as the Black family says, I’m sure the loser in the White Rabbit costume will soon be checking his watch to make sure he’s not late for his next job interview.

white rabbit

white rabbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Hey, I’m just an innocent bi-racial bunny here!