How to Date a Mexican Woman

How To Date A Mexican Woman

By Melinda Manolo

You will find many single Mexican women around the world and especially in America. This makes it easier for you to meet, date, and possibly even even marry her. However, it may not be easy to date a Mexican woman, especially if you are from a different culture. You must be ready to change some of your beliefs and adopt some of Mexican culture. This will help your relationship work. You also get to understand her beliefs, culture and perception. Here are some tips to help you when dating a Mexican woman.

The first thing that you should do is to look for ways to help you learn and understand Mexican culture. This will help you to understand your girlfriend’s world and know how to treat her. You should understand how each gender is supposed to contribute in a relationship. This will enable you to show the right kind of love and respect to your new girlfriend.

Since Mexican culture values family ties so strongly, you should try to befriend her family if you want to date her. Unlike many other cultures, very few Latina women will consider marrying someone who their family doesn’t approve of. Meeting and impressing family members is essential, but it goes both ways.

It is important for you to observe the Mexican traditions. This will show how much you value your girlfriend. You can do this by celebrating their holidays like El Grito. You can also celebrate Christmas and Valentines Day the way they do in Mexico. All these will make you closer to your girlfriend and make your relationship work smoothly.

It is also good try and learn some Spanish when dating a woman from Mexico. This will show how much you are willing to learn about the girl that you love. You can easily communicate with other Mexicans and especially her family. Being able to speak and understand her native language can go a long way towards avoiding conflict and misunderstandings.

Salsa dance is great part of the Mexican culture and most couples enjoy dancing during the weekends. To help you fit in the relationship, you can learn how to dance it. It is the main entertainment in family’s parties and you have to be part of the dance.

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Salsa Anyone? India Swings to Latino Beat

Salsa anyone? India swings to Latino beat

By Sandip Patil

“It is kind of a weekend dance school where we personally teach our students and encourage them to attend Latino dance congresses around the world,” said Chopra, who started training nine years ago with his wife in Miami.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing (Photo credit: Ed Bierman)

He estimates that Delhi alone has more than 500 dancers from all walks of life – and that the number of dancers in India could go up to more than 10,000. Besides, hundreds throng ‘weeklong classes’ organised by various contemporary dance schools.

Latino dances derive from the African rumba rhythm, swing and pachanga beats from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Dominican Republic as well as the contemporary R&B and hip-hop genres of free-style dancing. But the elegance is very ballroom, Chopra said.

Homemaker Arti Vij and her husband Shelley, in their 30s, are amongst those who love the “sensuous body movement of salsa and other Latino dances”. They drop in to a salsa dance class in southwest Delhi’s Dwarka every weekend. “I am keen to learn more. It makes me flexible and keeps me in shape as my job is sedentary. It is better than many other outdoor sports and easier,” Shelley said.

“The idea is to look groovy, natural and sensuous on the dance floor,” said Gupsom Pierre, a Singapore-based Latino dancer and instructor.

“The best salsa dancers are emerging from Asia. The Latino dances are all about discipline and overcoming challenges on the dance floor. I always use an element of ballet,” Pierre said.

“Salsa is the same as mambo. Salsa literally means a hot chilli-pepper and vegetable sauce. In the 1950s, a journalist couple, while dancing mambo, said it was like salsa – heady and potent. The name was subsequently adopted. It alludes to the language of the body,” Pierre said.

Latino dances have been drawing their rhythm and language from Bollywood lately, says Polish dancer Gosia Kulpa, who partners dancer Neeraj Maskara of Indian origin from Poland at Latino dance gatherings around the world.

“Dances like salsa have some basic rules, but between them there is a bog space to improvise. It is a conversation between the bodies of the couple who pair on the floor. One questions with the body and the other answers,” Kulpa said.

Bollywood movies like ‘Kites’ (which stars Hrithik Roshan as a salsa instructor) ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘ and ‘Desi Boyz‘ have extensively used Latino dances – carrying the genres to the drawing rooms, said Bharatanatyam dancer Prathibha Prahlad.

“It is a connection in the deep sensitivity of people… though the roots of Latino music and dance are not the same as Indian dances. These are music and dance of the people belonging to the informal economy, speaking of their angst. Their beats echo in the developing economies of Asia and India,” Aambassador of Colombia to India Juan Alfredo Pinto said.

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