How to Talk with Teens About Interracial Dating

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Black and White.

Black and White. (Photo credit: Good_1)

ng it.

CNN’s Genius John King Calls Bombing Suspect “dark skinned male”

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think John King meant ill will or malice but said this out of ignorance…He seemed to be aware that what he was stating was racist and vague but nonetheless felt inspired to let it out. But that’s how you know where people stand I suppose. Even if a suspect had been identified and that suspect had a dark complexion, stating that a potential suspect has “dark skin” is like stating the suspect is a mail living in the country. It’s neither informative or helpful in any way – just a broad generalization with a stinging slap of discrimination added to it to add salt to the open wound.

And here’s a link to Gwen Ifills’s observation that it was racist, via her Twitter page:

And good for Al Sharpton for standing up in the video clip below. That being said, what does it say about America and Boston that the first suggestions of a suspect are that they are male, “dark skinned” and now that apparently Arab-Americans are being targeted as well.


Racism, sadly, is alive and kicking in all its fearful and hateful glory.

Does Paul Ryan’s Black “Sweetheart” Matter?

Does Paul Ryan’s Black “Sweetheart” Matter?

In a word, “no.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia). If he’s “down with the brown” will he look out for you? C’mon! What do you think? You goin’ for the ol’ “bait and switch” again?


Let me explain.


I read recently from CNN’s Peter Hamby Tweet (here) that Paul Ryan, who is Mitt Romney‘s pick for Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, once dated a black woman.


According to Hamby’s tweet, Paul Ryan said in a 2005 Milwaukee Magazine article, “I have a sister-in-law who’s

AfricanAmerican. My college sweetheart was black.”


While this statement is highly provocative and a true mind-bender to anal-retentive Republicans and may cause rampant confusion among many disoriented hydrocephalics out there in Fantasy Webland, it’s much akin, as one tweet respondent chimed in, to saying “oh yes, I’m not racist because one of my best friends is black.”


Of course you don’t actually have a legitimate

friendship with that black person or care about that black person’s family or well-being, but you see that person over lunch or have vapid, innocuous conversation at the water cooler at work with that person. So you’re “best friends.”


I’m not an alcoholic because I only drink Jack Daniels twice a day. Same thing.


We don’t know how long Paul Ryan dated his “black sweetheart,” and even if they were wild freaks engaging in full-tilt interracial boogie even going so far as actually -gasp- kiss or embrace, it doesn’t mean jack because Paul Ryan is, believe it or not, a politician who wants to get elected over all else.


If kissing every black woman in America would get him elected, I’m sure he’d have no problem puttin’ on the lip balm and smackin’ those lips.


By the same token, even if Paul Ryan loves black people, it’s naive to believe that he would favor black people if elected; just as Obama hasn’t done jack for black people either, and is….by all appearances….black himself.


Whether they love black people or hate ’em, they’re politicians and only color they care about ultimately is green and their best friends are the banking elite.


Dating or not dating a black woman won’t open any hearts or minds of the uber-elite, it will only be more pabulum for the masses to be confused by come election day…and that, friends, is why you ever heard about this distraction-foolishness in the first place.