White Women Trying to Be Black. Really?

Here’s a video, essentially testing out our new format and video use while giving you something that might be engaging or interesting (hopefully not depressing), on the topic of white women wanting to be black.

Let us know your thoughts on this video and if you want to see more.


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How Racist Are You? The Event

How Racist Are You? The Event

If you have never heard of Jane Elliot, she’s a tough-as-nails former teacher who gives unbelievably powerful talks and workshops on racism around the world. She deserves massive respect for the work she’s been doing for decades upon decades. She’s been on Oprah and on a UK television program called “The Event.” This is a program you’re not likely to ever see re-packaged for US audiences (unless it’s on daytime talk TV).

Here it is, again, very powerful and worth a double-take. Can you imagine a high school sociology class (or even a college class) watching this? How many heads would roll? Very powerful and we dare you to watch and get engaged with it.



Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Clarence Thomas: Obama was Approved by The Elite

Clarence Thomas: Obama was Approved by The Elite

Clarence Thomas unleashed! Yes, he speaks!

While it may came as a surprise to some that a) Clarence Thomas does much of anything at all as he seldom if ever speaks and b) never dissents or does much of anything for anyone else with his great lifetime appointment job. Yes, he from time to time can’t help but acknowledge simple truths.

The Sentate confirms Clarence Thomas to the Su...

The Sentate confirms Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this brief CSPAN interview, it’s finally revealed that not only does “Uncle” Clarence Thomas speak, but clearly reveals more than a little bitterness…but speaks the truth that in order for a black President to exist that person must be approved by The Elite and that in his estimation, Obama was assuredly approved before being given the nod.

Don’t you agree?