20-Year Veteran Stylist Claims Korean Control of the Black Hair Business Is False

20-Year Veteran Stylist Claims Korean Control of the Black Hair Business Is False

According to Anne Holder, a hair salon owner in (where else?) Atlanta, Korean-Americans do not control the black hair care business.

English: Author: Daquella Manera URL: http://w...

English: Author: Daquella Manera URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/daquellamanera/473959801/ License: Description: Interior of a Beauty Salon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anne owns a salon called “Simply Straight,” and seems to be very well informed on the topic judging from the press release, but the same press release also states the simple fact that African-Americans own less than 3% of all black hair stores. What a huge disconnect!

Why do black people refuse to get into the black hair care business? It can’t be an inability to get into it and it certainly is not from lack of knowledge or business acumen, so the disparity is unexplained and gaping. And this says nothing about the thousands of black hair salons across the country that could be generating huge income for their owners and may be mismanaged or simply not the right location.

Interracial Couple Gets Hate Note on Valet Ticket

Racism is alive and kicking, even in the ATL.

Atlanta City emblem

Atlanta City emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And here’s proof of it, should we doubt.

In this lovely news story, an interracial couple daring to exist, got a racist note along with their car keys.

How nice for that special night out.


1 in 3 Coupled, Young Americans Is in an Interracial Relationship

1 in 3 Coupled, Young Americans Is in an Interracial Relationship

Here’s a crazy story.

According to this article from Parade (known for it’s searing insightful journalism, right?) 1 in 3 couples are in an interracial relationship. Where does the author live? On Mars? I can’t see this happening even in Atlanta where the population is fairly even between black and white; so if it’s not reality in Atlanta (and I don’t know that it is or is not) there’s no way this is happening across the country.

interracial love

Interracial Love, Baby

If this author is correct, you should see interracial couples every time you blink, and this is clearly not the case. Maybe you see black men with white women, as that’s the newest socially acceptable norm now; but for the most part black women still are not open to dating white men, asian men, or any other group, so I do not believe that it’s possible that 1 in 3 young American couples are in an interracial relationship.

What are your views anybody?

Here’s the link to the piece –here.

Creflo Dollar Arrested

I don’t claim to know or understand Creflo Dollar, but he doesn’t appear to be too pleased with his daughter’s behavior or habits as of late.

I’ve watched his ministry program before and was always struck by how Dr. Dollar (yes, the name does rub the cynical a bit the wrong way) and his wife Taffy (spelling?) seemed very professional, on-the-ball, and delivered very good programs.

Pastor Dollar also struck me as condescending at times, but that’s just me. When he was under investigation a few years back for some kind of spending irregularities (along with several other mega church pastors to be fair), it didn’t surprise me. I expected it.

But, at any rate, Dollar’s latest investigation concerns an arrest for allegedly hitting (and/or choking) his daughter. More than just a few news sources have reported on this arrest, so it’s old news by now.

What isn’t old news, is the reality that mega church pastors now rake in millions (if not billions) of bucks that they can’t possibly spend, regardless of how many starving kids from deepest-darkest Africathey claim to feed or how many youth centers they claim to build.

Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

Dr. Creflo A. Dollar (Photo credit: iandavid). An advertisement for Dr. Dollar.

But didn’t Jesus ride on the back of a donkey into town to make a point? Didn’t Buddha turn his back on his father’s material wealth so he could try to learn the truth? I’m all for living well and paying the bills, but isn’t this level of extravagance taking “prosperity ministry” a bit far? I dunno. Maybe if the guy’s name were just something other than Dollar?

Could Dollar be innocent? That his daughter’s bruises really are just eczema, and the accusations of abuse and violence a minor’s overreaction? And the police arresting him without due course or sufficient grounds to do so? Maybe.

I guess the thing is, is it wrong to expect a higher standard of character and conduct from someone who literally preaches on matters of proper conduct and behavior on a daily basis? Of course the man is human and misunderstandings take place, but usually where there’s smoke there’s fire….or at least ashes.

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