Brilliant Asian Man/Black Woman Sitcom

Do Asian Men like Black Women? And if they do, to how great an extent?

Well, we don’t know (at least not yet) what the numbers of AM/BW couples are, or what percentage of interracial couples are AM/BW, but they’re definitely out there.

Here’s an adorable YouTube series that certainly never got the attention it deserved, called Audrey and Dre, about a charming AM/BW couple (and not only that, but they can dance, too).

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Here’s the “mobisode” preview:



Episode 1:



Episode 2:



Episode 3:



Episode 4:



Episode 5:



Episode 6:



Episode 7:



Episode 8:



Episode 9:



Episode 10:



Episode 11:



Episode 12:



Episode 13, the Finale!!