What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

What’s Up with the Bachelorette So Far?

Not really sure what to make of the new Bachelorette. It’s great that you have (finally) the first African-American female in the program’s history and it’s a true shame that it took roughly a decade (?) to ensure this no-brainer.

The program (thus far) is a guilty pleasure; entertaining in the best way reality TV is known for (salaciousness, men and women salivating over each other, hints at depth) and Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette herself, is doing an admirable job of being level-headed and projecting warmth and sufficient empathy to maintain interest.

What do you think of the show so far?

It seems this upcoming episode(s) on 06/26/17 will feature some kind of “explosion” (and no, I’m not going to make a bad joke about what kind of “explosion” we’re likely to see since the show isn’t X-rated at this time). This is great for viewership, and we can only speculate that the “wrestler guy” will somehow “explode” on Lee, who (so far…) is manipulating kindly Kenny like a puppeteer.

Meanwhile, Lee, the master manipulator not only seems to have issued racist (or close to it? I haven’t seen the tweets myself) tweets at some point, but a former Bachelor contestant Leah Block issued comparable tweets.

So, we’re glad to finally have a black Bachelorette, and we’re waiting to see how this “landmark” season unfurls.

Interracial Sitcoms on the Rise?

Interracial Sitcoms on the Rise?

According to Deadline, interracial sitcoms are the wave of the future, with R&B singer Eve headlining an autobiographical one and another being produced (or starring?) Whoopi Goldberg.

English: Tribune Executive Sean Compton and Ac...

English: Tribune Executive Sean Compton and Actor Whoopi Goldberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is great news, if it’s true, as it could be the tipping point to make interracial love more acceptable to the masses. We’ll see…

Kerry Washington’s Snub “Scandal”

Kerry Washington, for those unfamiliar with the actress, is the star of the ABC television programScandal” in which the actress portrays a real-life character who is a DC political power-broker and “fixer” of the highest caliber.

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Oper...

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Um, yes please?

In the series, which just finished its first season to very positive reviews and the only program on contemporary television featuring a black woman in the lead role (which to me is pathetic).

But we’re to believe in the TV Emmy nominations that were announced last night, on July 21st, 2012, we’re to believe that Kerry Washington’s performance does not deserve even an Emmy nomination.

The fact that Kerry Washington didn’t even get an Emmy nomination, (forget about winning the award, she’s not even in the running), when so many other lesser programs have cast members getting the nod has been mentioned already in other blogs and sites. They’ve called it “scandalous,” which is a cute play on the title of the television series title itself.

I’ll take it a step further and call it not only “Scandalous” but also the Emmy organization itself not wishing to acknowledge Washington’s ability, the programs “Scandal” itself (and the interracial love affair taking place in the series), and the issue of interracial love. If the inflated “Veep,” can be nominated for an Emmy, can you honestly tell me “Veep” is better than “Scandal?”

Is it racism? I don’t know. But I do know the oversight is unfair and ignoring an excellent series, and I have to wonder if their oversight does not have something to do with the series’ focus on an adult interracial relationship between a black woman and a white President.