English: The logo of Adidas. Русский: Логотип ...

English: The logo of Adidas. Русский: Логотип фирмы «Адидас» (Photo credit: Wikipedia). We want money so bad, we’ll come up with sneakers with gold chains and ankle cuffs attached to them. Yeah, the kids will eat it up!

If I hadn’t seen this, I wouldn’t believe it.

You’ll have to look below for photos of this mercenary assault on decent taste, but….

Addidas is being widely lambasted (and very fairly so, in my humble widdle opinion) for producing and marketing a pair of over-priced sneaks that actually bear gold chains and ankle cuffs attached to them.

Just the very fact that these things are on the market for sale (or about to be put on the market) is ludicrous (and I ain’t referring to the light-weight rapper, either) to me.

Why am I making a fuss about chains and cuffs attached to a pair of sneaks?

Yes, I know we have a “new” generation gap here that has no idea who poor Rodney King was or what he was known for (being a human pinata for the NYPD, kids) or how to write a basic letter or how to converse with others while displaying basic human warmth coupled with even a smidgeon of wit; but y’know what? This would have raised Holy Hell if it had taken place just one generation ago and the fact that it’s even getting made and marketing to young wanna-be hoopsters should gall every adult with a functioning cortex into tears of admitted shame.

I promise to mock anyone who wears these sneakers and remind them of the barbaric and disgusting legacy of slavery, whether they want to hear it or not. Shame on the makers of these stupid sneaks, and shame on anyone fool enough to waste their shineola on them!

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