Y’know, maybe she just doesn’t know history or really care. I mean, she’s a celebrity singer who’s known for dancing, why not sell whatever you can to make more money? T-shirts, postcards, whatever people will buy. The thing is if someone who works for her comes up with something to sell, that person “designs” it, right?…..and it looks like a Nazi medallion or something, should it be pulled if the singer has no idea what you’re talking about?

Well, at any rate, here you have her selling (at least her name is attached to the product so even if she never saw it in her life, doesn’t know what a Nazi, which is possible these days)  what pretty much looks just like the Nazi medallion. It’s kind of insulting (let’s get real) for her not to know what she’s selling at the very least (which would seem to be the case) – either she has no idea what her company is hawking on her behalf (most likely the case), doesn’t know any history (possible), doesn’t care (possible), or some combination of all of the above.

At some point, you have to wonder with all these companies “mistaking” Nazi symbology and racist imagery in their merch.

What do you think? Over reacting or fairly close resemblance, lack of creativity, or conspiracy to just put up as much racist merchandise as possible?