Pros and Cons to International Latin Dating


Miranda Santiago has a degree in Psychology from Boston College and is now a freelance writer who covers dating topics, appealing specifically to relationships involving Latin women. When she isn’t writing about love and everything involved, you can find Miranda windsurfing on the beach, playing the piano, or enjoying a glass of dry red wine.Miranda Santiago's profile photo




Like with anything in life — and in love — there are pros and cons to dating someone from another country. If you’re adventurous and open to new things, I think you’ll find the pros far outweigh the cons, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.



While a language barrier may seem like a drag at first, I think you’ll find it’s actually fun and works to your advantage. You could learn each other’s languages, which isn’t just beneficial to your relationship. It’s also good for the betterment of your life and your career. Plus, half the fun comes from that “in the meantime” stage where you can enjoy the fun, and often humorous, task of deciphering gestures and trying to convey your ideas and feelings into the universal language of love. Sure, you’ll have some awkward moments. Heck, you’ll even have some arguments from misunderstanding each other.


In my own personal experience, language barriers aren’t bad at all. Let’s take, for instance, the less than joyous task of meeting your girlfriend’s parents. Can’t speak Spanish? Great!

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling (Photo credit:


All you have to do is sit there, smile and nod. And let’s be honest, if that were the only plus to dating a Latina, gringos everywhere would be lining up to do so. Just being able to get out of awkward interrogations is enough to convince most. Don’t like what’s being said or asked of you? No problem! Just pretend you don’t understand! No one will know. They’ll just toss it up to that good ol’ language barrier.



Often times, international dating comes about through online dating sites, which sometimes result in long-term and long-distance relationships. Now, if that’s not ideal for you, you’re not thinking it through completely. Just think of all the money you’re saving by having Skype dates! No expensive restaurants, no crazy-expensive bar tabs—you don’t even have to pay for gas!


The problem does arise when you decide you want to visit each other. Airline tickets aren’t exactly cheap, so all that money you’ve saved not taking your girl out will now catch up with you. You’ll want to narrow down your potential dates by cities that offer cheap flights from your hometown if you’re just getting into international Latin dating. There’s nothing wrong with being practical!


Extra lovin’

And the best reason for international dating? Freedom to shop around before buying something from the store. That’s right! You heard me right. I’m talking about hitting two birds with one stone. Or two. Or ten. Meeting people online, especially when they are abroad, means you can meet more than one woman online and a still date locally, without completely screwing things up… with any of them! This is actually very proactive, because, by multi-tasking, you’ll be able to meet, know and deduce the potential of several women at once, instead of having to do so one at a time, which could take months!



Dating someone from another culture means you’ll need to prepare yourself to experience entirely new customs, music, food and more, which will either broaden your horizons, enrich your life and expand your knowledge, or it will cause you to have a nervous breakdown. If it’s the latter, then you’re clearly not man enough for a hot Latin woman!


Once you sift through your women and narrow them down to one that’s worth the hassle, you’ll be able to adjust to these cultural differences easily and what seems like a hassle now will be an investment in the end — an investment in yourself and in her.