Many people are caught up in the prison-industrial complex but don’t know it. They’re led around by a love of self-perpetuating drama or caught up in other narratives where options may appear limited, and that make their lives such that they’re vulnerable to incarceration.


As someone who’s worked as a probation officer and court mediator and even mediated a child custody dispute scheduled to appear on “Judge Judy,” I know firsthand how courts and corporations profit massively from judicial decisions.

English: Chart showing prison population in se...

English: Chart showing prison population in selected countries of the world per 100,000 population Data taken from World Prison Population List (eighth edition) by Roy Walmsley International Centre for Prison Studies, King’s College, London, 2008 Value for China includes 850,000 held in administrative custody (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d like to include a link to what I feel is a powerful infographic, from Top Criminal Justice Degrees, as well as another one below from Wikipedia and open the topic up to potential discussion.


Timeline of total number of inmates in U.S. pr...

Timeline of total number of inmates in U.S. prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. From 1920 to 2006. Data sources: See also the data sources at File:US incarceration timeline.gif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)