According to a June 13th, 2012 piece from The Chicago Tribute (and apparently Reuters news wire service), music magazine NME has officially apologized to singer Morrissey for a 2007 article in which the former lead singer for the musical group the Smithswas interviewed for a story entitled “Morrissey: Big Mouth Strikes Again.”


Morrissey (Photo credit: Man Alive!). What did he really mean in the first place?


In that article, Morrissey discussed immigration in Britain, where he was quoted as saying “With the issue of immigration, it’s very difficult because, although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England, the more the British identity disappears.”


The article does not clarify whether or not Morrissey actually said these words or if he was somehow misquoted.


A statement issued by NME magazine, which is quoted in the article, says in part “we have said sorry to Morrissey for any misunderstanding that may have arisen.”


So, what I’d ask Morrissey, is if he isn’t anti-immigrant what exactly did he mean and how was whatever he actually did say misquoted or misappropriated?


Here’s a link to the piece: