According to a recent post on (author unknown), Joel Osteen, in a recent interview with Kristi

Watts of “The 700 Club” televisin program, actually had the cahones to say that, in his view, heaven is rich in diversity.


I know what you’re thinking. Everybody likes Joel Osteen. Nice thick hair, great teeth, charming guy. Of course

he’d be “down with the brown,” right?


Well, not necessarily, as we all know, there are pastors and preachers alike who would just as soon have you believe that Heaven itself is a segregated biased purgatory as it could be…pardon the pun…heavenly. So, while it’s not necessarily surprising to read that Pastor Osteen would advocate for a fair, “multicultural congregation” as he says.


The article itself isn’t a keen display of witty (much less well-penned) verbiage, but still, here’s a mildly

encouraging piece for your day.


Here’s the link to the full piece here.