Just a quick note to our peeps out there in Twitter-land, Facebook-ville, and the rest of the world, to let everyone know we’re proud to roll out a few updates:

We’ve added new art work to our online store, at InterraceToday.com/store. My wife is an incredible artist (yes, I’m biased in her favor), but we are one of the few websites in the world to sell original artwork on cards and prints celebrating interracial relationships and multicultural families. I’ve also created original WordPress themes for sale that also celebrate diversity, interracial relationships, and multiculturalism. And if you have suggestions or requests, let us know. Interracial Christian Singles, Interracial Singles, Interracial Dating, Interracial Relationships, Multicultural, Interracial Gifts, Multicultural Gifts, Black Women, Black Hair, Black News

Secondly, we’ve partnered with the good folks at InterracialMatch. com to present SwirlMatch.us, our own branded interracial dating website specifically geared toward interracial christian singles. If you’re so inclined, give Swirl a whirl.

Finally, please remember that we are here for our readers. If you have material you’d like to submit, please visit our submissions page. If you’d like to contribute your insight, you can write for us or add comments and suggestions to the site. We want to grow and need your support to do so. There aren’t too many (if any) websites like ours online, and we know there are others out there like us – so please give us a “like” on Facebook or buy a greeting card for someone you care about, purchase a print for your office or home or for a friend, or get involved. We’re ready for you, if you’re ready for us!