Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

For Black Women: A Healing Meditation

By Shakurah


You do not have to spend much time in the internet world today to see an abundance of negative en

ergy directed towards black women. Our identity as a whole has taken such a beating in this culture.


Black skin is what people of other backgrounds first see and it is how we are judged. Black people also judge other Black people negatively and harshly, often on the basis of lighter or darker skin tone.


Our skin is a living part of us that has been unfairly burdened with negative messages. We as black women have taken countless emotional blows for looking how we look, for being who we are.


If we do not take care and find ways to shield ourselves, many of these negative messages can seep into our consciousness without us being aware of it, causing damage to our spirits. All of us have areas to improve in, but the commentary on black women is often downright brutal.


As a black woman, think it is time to focus on some healing balms and antidotes to all of this negativity.


I dedicate this meditation to black women who need love, too.


You may read it to yourself or have a loving, supportive person read it to you.


If you like, have a bottle of your favorite lotions or oils nearby for this meditation.


May it be a soothing balm to your soul and a reminder of your Goodness.




Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and settle in, preparing yourself for this meditation. If you wish to change your posture, (to laying down, for example) at any point during this meditation, you are free to do so.


First, we will bring the energy of relaxation into the mind, emotions, and body.


Take a slow, deep breath in… and out…, relaxing your neck and shoulders. Do this as many times as yo

u need to start to unwind from your day. Let the relaxation spread throughout your body, like flowing water.


As you sit, notice the state of your mind without judgment. What emotions are you feeling? How is your body feeling?


Pause for several moments to experience this.


Whatever you find, gently send yourself the message, “It is ok to relax. It’s ok to relax.”


Say gently to your mind, “It is ok to relax.” Say lovingly to your emotions, “It’s ok to relax.” Say to any hurt, tight, or tense area of your body, “It’s ok to relax.”


This is my time now and it’s ok to relax.”


Give yourself permission to relax to the best of your ability at this time, remembering to breathe in and

out at a slow, gentle pace.


Now, gently and lovingly, bring your attention to your skin. This is the beautiful, rich skin that was passed on to you by your ancestors.


With gratitude, we thank our ancestors for our skin.


Connect with your own skin. (At this time, use your lotions or oils if you like). Your dark skin needs your love and care. We see our skin every waking moment-how often do we really connect with it? Spend time embracing and loving the darkness of your own skin.


Take a moment to caress and touch the beautiful, dark skin of your face, hands, arms and legs and feet. Send your gratitude, love, and appreciation into your skin with each touch.


“My black skin, I am grateful for you and I love, value and appreciate you.”


Notice how your skin responds to your love. Send healing love and compassion into your skin. Your bla

ck skin has feelings too. Your skin deserves this love.


Take your time.


As you go inside of yourself, in this meditative state, notice if your skin has any messages for you. How

is your skin feeling? How does it feel about living in the culture it lives in? Listen deeply within to what your skin has to say to you.


“Black skin, what do you have to say to me? I am ready to listen.” Listening to your skin may help you uncover wounds that need healing. Listen, and get to know yourself on a new level.


Take a few moments to listen within now.


This is the time to show your skin that you love and appreciate it. Tell your skin how much you appreciate it for all it has done for you. Give your skin the loving care and acceptance it needs.


This is the biologically brilliant skin that protects us from harmful UV rays from the sun.


“My black skin, I thank you. “


This is the skin that protects the internal structure of our bodies.


“My black skin, I love you.”


This is the skin of the Mother of Humanity.


“My black skin, I thank you.”


Affirm the Goodness of your skin. Know that it is good. It is a part of you that you can have a good relationship with. Remind your skin of its innocence.


As you caress your skin, repeat to yourself:


“My black skin, you are Good and Innocent. You are Good and Innocent.” Say it silently o

r out loud a

s many times as it feels good to say.


See how your skin responds to this.


Our skin is the gateway to our Spirit and Soul. Contemplative reflection on the Beauty and Sacred Nature of our skin can connect us to our inner Self and inner voice that must be heard.


How does it feel for you being a black woman, living in your skin? What burdens might you be carrying, because of other’s perceptions of your black skin?


Enter into a dialogue with your skin and find out how your skin can assist you in healing.


Take some time to contemplate this. Take time to be aware and heal.


“My black skin, I love you.” Know that there is strength and power emanating from your skin. Allow yourself to be enveloped in this strength and power as you face the world.


You may stay in this meditative state, communing with your lovely black skin as long as you like.


When you are complete with the meditation for now, stretch gently in any way that feels good to help you transition to the rest of your day. Breathe softly and slowly. Come back to this place often to surround your skin and your entire being with the Love you so richly deserve.


**If you received messages from your skin during this meditation, it may be a healing practice to write in a journal any messages you may wish to revisit or explore more deeply. If you received any messages from your skin that you would like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section.