According to a June 10th piece in by journalist Ben Chapman, Elementary school principalGreta Hawkins has been on the receiving end of racist hate mail.



The former Thunderbolt roller coaster, Coney I...

The former Thunderbolt roller coaster, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ms. Greta Hawkins is the principal of an elementary school in Brooklyn, New York, who has apparently drawn the ire of Coney Island parents by (according to the piece) implimenting a policy of awarding students extra credit for not using the toilet and then in June for allegedly refusing to let students sing Lee Greenwood‘s ditty “God Bless the USA” at a graduation ceremony because she objected to the lyrics.


Now obviously as the principal of a public school, Ms. Hawkins can pretty much do what she pleases with school policies as long as said policies are not illegal or violations of that school district‘s policies. If she violates school district policies, the school district can investigate her. If she does something illegal, the police can and should be called. If she doesn’t like a Lee Greenwood song, it’s her perogative to not let her students sing it at graduation. If the kids take too long playing hookey (as many do) in bathrooms, she can try to do something about it that makes sense.


Nothing Principal Hawkins has done makes it acceptable to e-mail her intimidating, racist hate speech calling

the woman “subhuman.” Maybe “an administrator we do not like” would have been more appropriate, or “an administrator we will complain to the school district about.”


Have things gone too far with the racist name-calling and threats? You bet.


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