Donald Trump Outs Jon Stewart as a Jew – Yahoo! News.

Here’s a shocker, Jon Stewart is a Jew! Thanks, Trump! Every Jew in America knew this guy was Jewish the minute we laid eyes on him, and then heard him do his “oy geyvault” schtick and knew without doubt.

Jon Stewart (detail of original picture)

Jon Stewart (detail of original picture) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is pointing out this obvious fact anti-semitism? It depends on your definition of anti-semitism, but it’s pretty petty to point out that someone is Jewish these days just as much as it pointing out that a biracial person has African blood in them at some point (or that of another culture). What does it have to do with your hairpiece or Jon Stewart?

Please, Mr. Trump, I like your TV shows and you seem like a reasonably smart guy, so I don’t get it.