Diversity in Silicon Valley – black, female, and a Silicon Valley ‘trade secret’ – Mar. 17, 2013.


It’s no secret to most people with functioning brains out there that there is no diversity to speak of in Silicon Valley, much less in the electronics and web development industries.

Why is that? Is it pure discrimination or is it because of something more? I’ve seen the website “Black Girls Code” but there’s no mention of this glaring disparity on their website or these recent news stories bringing attention to the story. It’s a worthy cause to be sure, but where is the outrage? Will Microsoft and Google, Yahoo, or Intel hire more black people because of the story? Of course not.

Where are the black women, black men, Latinos? is it that they’re all not interested in careers in web technology? Or are the opportunities simply being denied them?

What’s going on? It’s known throughout the world that there are no Latinos or Blacks in electronics? Right? Either the jobs are being denied, or the interest is not there, or a deadly combination of the two.