Dating Tips For Asian Men Seeking Black Women’s Attention

By Angela Selfridge

One of the best dating tips for approaching any girl regardless of her ethnicity is: be confident! Asian men don’t often approach women of other races very often so it can be somewhat of a surprise when a confident Asian stallion expresses his interest in a black girl. Ask any experienced Asian man and he will tell you that it is ten times more effective when you approach a black girl with confidence.

However, don’t confuse confidence with being playful or a bit too nonchalant. Girls like being approached with direct openers, for example, most black girls will recognize it as a compliment if you say “I saw you walking just outside and I thought I should tell you how beautiful you are.” This way, she would know that you are not trying to protect your ego by using a comical pickup line, and neither are you street hollering. You are merely expressing yourself with a genuinely sincere and honest remark that would hardly be taken as insulting.

Keep in mind that you want to deliver the idea that you are interested in her, and not just compliment her. For instance, openers like “Hey, I really like your shoes” will just give her the wrong impression, and she will just take it as a compliment for her shoes. Not showing direct interest can defeat the purpose of showing confidence on your part. There is a thin line between bringing irrelevant details into your opening line and giving insulting sexual remarks. You have to stay on this line; be subtle but make sure she knows she is sexually desirable.

If the conversation hits it off after the opening line, make sure you exhibit some dominance in your attitude. It is one thing to let her open up and communicate, it is a whole other thing to simply nod and agree with everything, and hence become the “doormat” kind. Being confident doesn’t just mean exuding physical confidence, it means, intentionally saying what you want to say and doing what you feel is necessary at the time.

It is a common misconception that Asian men are quiet and are culturally trained to hold back their views and opinions. Contrary to this popular opinion, black women are known to be strong and poised, and hence want somebody who can hold his own. You have to be that man!

It is important to identify different aspects of interracial dating, especially if you are new at it. However, don’t make it a focal point. At the end of the day, you are just a guy approaching a girl. Don’t over-prepare yourself and go through scores of dating tips. Be yourself and forget all the stereotypes. Learn to identify each woman’s specific personality and train yourself on how to get around it.

Angela Selfridge is a relationship expert in the UK and offers advice and opinions on love and online dating as well as tips.

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