Bruce Lee: The Alpha Asian Role Model

By Jt Tran

A previous national poll revealed that 35% of ladies as well as 16% of men admitted that Asian movie star Bruce Lee was sexy. This was the majority vote, and only a little percentage of women stated that they didn’t locate him attractive. What does this teach us about the Asian community in Americanowadays?

bruce lee

bruce lee (Photo credit: myrrh.ahn)

What it says to me is that some Asian males are basically too hung up on the race issue to genuinely reach out and take what they want. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an Asian pick up artist going out with white women or Latina girls. Plenty of men and women do not care about interracial relationships any longer, so it’s not like it’s a scandalous factor. Most girls, as the poll indicates, are even quick to describe some iconic Asian males as extremely sexy.

Yes, it is feasible that some girls could say they don’t really feel attraction to alpha Asians. Nevertheless, you have to take such a statement with a grain of salt. Girls are not motivated by physical attraction. Ladies want to be emotionally stimulated. They want their passions aroused and their emotions fulfilled. A lady is not going to instantly know if a man has this sexy attitude just by his facial appearance.

(Yes physique language is important, but faces are just extensions of the soul) Generally a lady who makes such a blanket statement is associating her past with her present. Maybe she believes that since she’s in no way dated an Asian, she can’t really feel attraction to him. Or maybe she believes that due to the fact she’s only dated black or white men, that’s what she’s attracted to. Incorrect! She’s attracted to the alpha male profile, and any man of any race is capable of becoming that man.

Maybe the biggest issue in Asian interracial dating is utilizing the men themselves. Asian pick up artists will want to step up and recognize that they’re sexual beings like anybody else and deserve whatever woman they set their eyes on. Don’t purchase into all this trash about being out of the league of a gorgeous white lady, or that all white ladies automatically reject Asians simply simply because of some sexual stereotypes. The very very first step in scoring with white women would be to get much more than your own self-limiting attitude and then focus on breaking down your woman’s personal self-limiting barriers.

Bruce Lee was sexy, because he was an alpha male. He was fearless, physically fit, ultra-disciplined and could hold some killer eye contact with the best of them. You could be even sexier than Bruce Lee and redefine the modern sex symbol for your local Asian community!

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