Black and White Relationship: How Does It Work?

By Mary Ann Tordecilla

I was hanging out with my friend the other day when he introduced me to some friends of his that he brought along with him. They were a couple and I can see that they really love each other. But I got curious because the man was white and the woman was black. I didn’t dare ask about this difference because it will be rude.

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During the conversation, curiosity got the better of me so I asked them how they met and how their relationship started. The guy said that they went to the same college and were members of the same organization in school. They were always together especially when there are school activities where their club is involved. They just realized that they love each other. This time I didn’t ask again.

Maybe the woman realized my curiosity so she decided to answer the questions ringing in my head. She said that their friends didn’t want them to be together. Their friends discouraged their relationship because it was not normal they say. A white should be with a white woman and a black woman should be with a black man. The guy said that at first, they were afraid to be criticized by their peers so he tried to stay away from the girl. But it did not help. They miss each other. So despite their friends’ criticisms, they continued seeing each other. There were others who supported them and understood their relation but there were too few of them. They stayed away from their friends for a while until their peers realized that they’re really serious about their relationship.

I asked about their parents’ reaction to their relationship and the woman said that it’s ok with her parents, but not with the guy’s. But they went on anyway. They’ve been together for 3 years now and the hurdles that they encountered did not change their feelings for each other but strengthened it.

I asked the woman what he liked about the guy and she said that he’s funny and kind, but most of all, responsible. He’s true to his word and he’s just so lovable that she can’t help but fall for him. Then the guy said that she liked the woman’s strength and intelligence. She’s a good conversationalist and is always happy. The guy said that what she likes the most about the girl is her smile. It makes him feel light and happy.

The conversation had me laughing all night because of the guys’ jokes. No wonder she fell in love with him.

As I watched the couple, I was amazed at how love works. It’s true that love transcends all races, ages, and even gender. In their case, they were able to withstand the criticisms because they really loved each other. If your love is true, it can withstand any test or trouble fate might throw at you.

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