Albor Ruiz: Black and Latino New Yorkers blast NYPD stop-and-frisks as ‘stereotyping’  – NY Daily News.

Is “stop and frisk” stereotyping is like asking Malcolm X, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, if he felt comfortable placing his directly in front of a bigot’s gunpoint. It’s ironic and clear paralogia to me that what never would have been acceptable in any way shape or form a mere lifetime ago (if that) is taken as daily business as usual y everyone in New York.

Malcolm X

Cover of Malcolm X

Statistics don’t matter. Outcomes don’t matter. We’re just going to stop and frisk every dark-skinned person we can because we want to. And you will accept it like a lost puppy following a milk-bone.

While it’s good that Latino and Black New Yorkes are “blasting” the NYPD for their rampant “stop and frisk” policy, that is blatantly nothing more than racist harassment my humble widdle opinion, it deeply saddens and surprises me that slowly, bit by bit, everything that was fought for during the Civil Rights Movement is beign chipped away – from segregation to the mere right to walk down a city street without being accosted by police.

Yes, we have Obama in the White House (which alone, being said aloud, says a true mouthful), but it’s a mere sleight of hand that achieves masterful proportions. As Cornel West and Tavis Smiley found out by being shunned or silenced for disapproving the President’s refusal to help working people. We have what appears to be a Black President, but more being done against Black and Brown people and minority groups than ever before.

Will the “blasting” impede the NYPD’s desire to “stop and frisk” anyone isn’t white? Let’s see.