Woman who ran black site bypassed for top spy job – Yahoo! News.

We don’t know from reading this article if the mystery woman in question who tortured her prisoners did so under duress and simply followed orders to keep her job. She obeyed orders in every turn. Which is what you’d think they would want. Ordering torture and then destroying videos of the tortures (which would sicken anyone who’d see them I’m sure) is doing what she was told to do.

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English: Independent Investigation Group IIG tests Power Balance Bracelets with Dominique Dawes from Yahoo Weekend News (Photo credit: Wikipedia). You are hot. I’d really like to date you, but my mommy told me it wasn’t right.

I suspect there’s more to the refusal for the job than Feinstein just not liking her, but what do I know? I don’t see what they see, certainly. But it nonetheless is a statement that they’re still not ready for a woman to lead them, even if she is adept at torturing and destroying evidence.