Herman Cain - Caricature

Herman Cain – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey). “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

It’s pretty tough to take Herman Cain seriously, (even though he brilliantly once exclaimed, displaying remarkable sensitivity that “if you’re not rich and are unemployed, blame yourself!”)


Yes, the booming voice was definitely an attractive asset to potential presidential candidates; especially someone assuming the Strong Disapproving Father Republican Candidate Role.

Yes, the background in business management was a plus. The long list of sexual harassment allegations was kind of a bummer to his reportedly inept “campaign” staff, however.

So the self-professed “Herman-ator” retired from the field of serious contenders as the mountain of accusers grew daily with no seeming end in sight.

Despite the mismanaged campaign, mediocre fund-raising (despite his professed “brother from another mother” love of the Coch Brothers and their fortune). No more hilariously incongruent quotes, no more female accusers, just gone.

Well, for those saddened by Cain’s premature departure from politics, fear not! The hilarious one is back, just as funny and incongruent as ever with his new CainTV.com online channel, coming your way this Fourth of July on CainTV.com.

Thanks, Herman, we need a good chuckle every once in a while, and GodFather’s Pizza just wasn’t enough cheese (pun intended) Maybe this’ll finally get Hermmy his Fox TV show that he’s been pining for for so long. Maybe.