Black Women: I Am Not My Hair!

Now let me be serious (although I may sound facetious) stating that as a formerly-nappy “nice Jewish boy” complete with a wild “jewfro” until my late twenties, I have always empathized with my Nubian Queens regarding hair.

Example of a jewfro

Example of a jewfro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vaseline couldn’t make it lay down. Lye didn’t do jack to it, except burn the scalp. Black protein gel couldn’t straighten that barbed-wire nest out, and the thinner it eventually got (either from genetics, dying, gelling, or whatever), actually the better off I was. I couldn’t exactly get a weave put in (’cause I didn’t have anything to put tracks into), and couldn’t exactly go get a nice straight wig, either; but my heart is with you.

And that’s why I thought this video would be a nice addition to our collection here at

What do y’all think of this?