Multicultural Millennial Mindset: Transactional or Transformational | Business 2 Community

Multicultural Millennial Mindset: Transactional or Transformational | Business 2 Community.

Here’s an interesting article I found that looks at interracial and multicultural individuals from the long-term business perspective.

Obviously regardless of indifference (probably the greatest force), businesses will have no choice but to integrate more as the face of society as a whole darkens.

Opinions on this piece?

Multiculturalism grant

Multiculturalism grant (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

MediaPost Publications Multicultural Consumers Wield $1.3 Trillion Consumer Spending Power 04/08/2013

MediaPost Publications Multicultural Consumers Wield $1.3 Trillion Consumer Spending Power 04/08/2013.

It’s old new to anyone who actually works in the real world for a living that society is in general multicultural, diverse, interracial, and ultimately better for it. What Big Business cares about is the holy grail of the almighty buck. And wherever the most people go, that’s where the most money will be concentrated. That’s why “The Bachelor,” ABC TVs most profitable franchise is deathly afraid to add color to the mix (and probably never will include diversity of any real depth), and why most media is still lilly white.

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of ch...

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of chemical-waste from Batman: The Killing Joke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). It can drive advertising companies crazy trying to figure ways to keep making more money.

But advertisers and marketers looking for statistical outlyers or “fringe” areas not fully exploited, or growing look to multicultural consumers – meaning anyone who is not as white as the Joker looking character in the article photo.

The multicultural market is huge, and still new to most advertisers and marketing companies because white America is still the majority – but that’s slowly turning…

BBC Debate: Should Britain get rid of Multiculturalism?

In this hour and three minute video program from the BBC, June Sarpong (currently working on Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program) presents (as Devil’s Advocate, perhaps?) that multiculturalism and diversity are simply not needed in England.

It’s interesting (in a subtle way) that the producers of the program should select an African-American (in this case African-English) woman to present the case that diversity is a huge drag on their system and just is no longer needed.

Watch this and tell us what you think? Is there a strong basis of truth in this presentation and argument?


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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